And are delighted to say that we are staying in Stockbridge!

I Just Love my wee shop!
And are delighted to say that we are staying in Stockbridge and have just agreed to a 5-year Lease with my new Landlord Nadim, a lovely chap, who used to work for us in Xile.
It's been full on the past year, with us saying farewell to Xile, which has been my life for so many years, but I must say I am loving my time in PARA-DAIZA and excited about growing the brand.
It’s been a massive learning curve launching the brand and I have been bootstrapping it, working 7 days a week, spinning many plates, and wearing many hats! What has been truly special has been getting back on the shop floor, it is the people I meet daily, it’s the conversations – lots of dog chat, with our Rita doing her thing!  
Every day someone walks through the door with a story, an idea, this connection with
the people who walk through my door, helps guide the brand's direction with the good old art of conversation on a shop floor, every day new opportunities present themselves to create, innovate, and connect!
As you may know, my journey started with Xile Clothing, an iconic Scottish independent, where I had the privilege of witnessing remarkable growth and success for many years. These experiences and memories have left an indelible mark and will forever shape the vision and direction of our new brand PARA-DAIZA.
We are loving our new home in Stockbridge
and connecting with our customers old and new.

It's a reminder that the
uncommon often emerges from challenging, complicated situations when common people dare to follow their dreams!