Our Founder, Paul Mullen's Story is one of overcoming challenges, a brand born out of resilience, passion, and a desire for change.

"Our time at Xile was nothing short of magical"

Xile 1984-2023

The Story starts in Xile Clothing, an independent fashion retail business that thrived until its closure in 2023. Paul Journey began in the mid 90's as a Fashion buyer and retail manager alongside the visionary founder of Xile Patrick O'Flaherty;

Paul went on to become a partner and spent over 25 years witnessing Xile's growth and success, with it eventually becoming a household name in Scotland. Our time at Xile was nothing short of magical, a close-knit family atmosphere with memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Throughout our journey, we formed partnerships with major brands in the industry. Adidas, Nike, and Barbour are just a few examples.

In 2005, we proudly opened Scotland's first G-Star concept store, which paved the way for three more G-Star stores and a Replay boutique.

However, the landscape in branded retail started to show cracks. We saw the high street department store close and many small independent stores disappear from the High Street.

Seeking sanctuary, we found a new home within JD Sports plc, which provided the freedom and security to continue growing Xile via our three stores in Edinburgh, Glasgow & Livingston.

Nevertheless, Challenges persisted, and ultimately in April 2023, Xile was closed by a large corporation, thus propelling staff into redundancy.

This blow ignited a search for new beginnings; we embarked on a quest with a new purpose; we had the people and knowledge of the industry and loved great products.

PARA-DAIZA was born—a name rooted in ancient history, traced back to the Proto-Indo-Iranian term paradaiza,

para (meaning"around")  and

daiza (meaning"walls")

Paradise was the original place with walls and the perfect sanctuary.

And boy, did we need a new place to call home after Xile , a new start, a new concept that embraces our independent ethos and love of Clothing.



Para-Daiza collection will draw inspiration from the past and blend it with the new to offer everything one needs daily, a loop of work, travel and being social.

In our pursuit of sustainability, we have created Re-Purposed collection that breathes Life into
vintage second-hand goods, transforming them into exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces that tell a story. We believe that true sustainability is buying less and making the right purchases.

We produce high-quality clothing that will help lengthen each garment's lifespan


With a wealth of experience in the fashion industry and a deep-rooted understanding of the challenges faced by branded retail, PARA-DAIZA's  is dedicated to changing the fashion landscape.

Our passion for sustainability,
commitment to community, and vision for change drive us forward. As an independent brand and start-up, PARA-DAIZA represents the new frontier of responsible fashion. We champion the
slow fashion movement, valuing sustainable practices and local businesses.