Recognizing the textile industry's environmental impact, PARA-DAIZA has committed to addressing this issue through its Re-Purposed collection. This collection breathes new life into vintage second-hand goods, transforming them into exclusive, one-of-a-kind garments. By reducing and recycling, PARA-DAIZA aims to salvage unwanted goods from landfills and give them a new purpose, contributing to a sustainable cycle and promoting a conscious approach to fashion.

Remode Collective, an award-winning social enterprise based in Edinburgh, that rework and repair our Carefully selected garments.

Remode is a Collective of people with different skills, and cultural and ethnic backgrounds that share the same passion for sewing, fashion and design.

They educate via their creative workshops, they collect leftover and unwanted textiles to produce handmade and unique items to explore ways to re-purpose materials locally and build new skills while celebrating multicultural diversity.

Be a part of the sustainable fashion revolution!
PARA-DAIZA's Re-Purposed Collection showcases that fashion can be both stunning
and eco-friendly. You actively contribute to a more sustainable and conscious
fashion industry with each purchase.

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